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How to support the Association

  • Donate via bank transfer

     IBAN code: IT74A0200801635000101770969

     Payable to: Toolou Khady Il Giardino di Khady  ONLUS


  • Donate us your  5 x 1000 entering our fiscal code no.97607430150 in your tax income form


  • Celebrate with Toolou Khady your special moments (birthday, anniversary, birth, baptism, cresima, sporting event, etc.). Toolou Khady will give you a personalized scroll during the event. Send us an e-mail with your data, indicating what you want to celebrate and supply us the data of the bank transfer you’ve already done.


  • Post our banner if you have space on your site


  • If you are a company think about us for Christmas gifts to your partners


  • Donate in memory of a loved person, you missed

     Send us an e-mail with all your personal data (name, address, telephone number) plus the data of the participants to        the donation (name) and the name of the dead person. Also write name and address of the family of the dead person      and supply us the data of the bank transfer you’ve already done.

     Toolou Khady will send a gift/tribute to the family. 



How you can help Toolou Khady’s children financially

July 22, 2016

Full support a child nursery school 50€ / year

Extraordinary support of a child nursery school 80€ / year

Free offer for restructuring nursery school

July 22, 2016

Support a child at school

Donate 50 cents. / day or  180 € / year for primary school

240 or 360 € / year for high school. 

July 22, 2016

Help them  and their families with food support

Donate 33 cents. / day  or 120 € / year 

July 22, 2016

Help with a school bus for whom, who can not get to school easily

Donate 16 cents. / day or 60 € / year 

July 22, 2016

Help children with malaria and other diseases

Donate 22 cents./day or  80 € / year

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Aut. Ministry of Interior of Senegal n. 018044 3/12/2014

 Region Lombardia
City: Milan
Via Brusuglio, 67
ZIP CODE  20161
Mobile: +39 331-3572366


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