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Responsible Tourism

We believe that responsible tourism is a better way to see the world. You will get a more authentic experience and your holiday will benefit local people and the environment.


Responsible tourism simply means holidays that care about local communities and culture as well as wildlife conservation and the environment:  at a reasonable cost, but maintaining a minimum comfort to which Europeans are used to, you can live an extraordinary experience as you were a local.


That means that the "traveler" can spend a few days close to children, as guest of a family, who offers  a bed and breakfast  solution with bathroom and shower. During this period lunch is with the children, while for dinner we suggest a little restaurant where Michel cooks a great chicken (Ginar) and 
fries with onions or meat (chawarma, but you have to book it) or pizza (quite good) or what you wish.


You could meet the families of our children with a local translator, because most of them doesn't speak French; you could see how they live and the projects of Toolou Khady to make their lives better and of course you can play games with groups of children. 
For those who wish to collaborate with us you could visit theirs schools and speak with school principal or teacher and deal with drugstores for better services. This is another way to get into their lives.


Among this activities we have not to forget our travel:
From a day at the Pink Lake, where we will visit a typical “Peul” village, to one at “Joal Fadiouth” with his beautiful small cathedral and the Muslim-Christian cemetery made of sea shells, where you will discover by excursion on canoe the oysters fisherwomen and mangrove forest and have lunch on the lagoon. And what about a stay on the little but beautiful island “Gorè”, where slaves were shipped to America (don’t miss to visit its museum and taste the typical fish dishes, and, of course, have a bath on the beach).


Dakar also offers a lot of attractions, such as the presidential palace near the Independence square,  a monument to the African Renaissance (built in 2011 with a restaurant in his head) the cathedral, the markets (marché) in Malì and Sandaga, the “petite cornice”, the French cultural center (where you can taste a wonderful grilled fish or chicken or kebabs along with a mug of beer “Gazelle” or, why not, a glass of good French wine).


Doubtless the most characteristic part of your journey is the time spent all around local life, the use of local public transport, such as “carrapide" or bus or clandò (cheap taxis) and the meetings with families, school principal and the doctor of the village, but we think that this has to be mixed with a bit of comfort.


A volunteer will welcome you on arrival at the airport in Dakar and, with a car, will take you directly to the host family or at the hotel near the airport. One of our staff will accompany you in your visits and meetings.
We suggested you to stay about 7/9 days, but for whom who wish to spend more time in this country it may be extended to 10/12 days. You could have a trip to Saint Louis, the former capital, to Thiès and to Mbour. Sometimes there are Italian volunteers/member of the association on site.


For further detail/ information pls contact us:

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