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Projects Realized


Toolou Khady makes the commitment for building a small hair saloon. This project has the aim to offer a job to a family man, in order to make him and his family independent from the economic aid of the association (still provided up now) and to avoid that his children and his wifes remain without eating for a lot of days. The project was realized in March / April 2016



The Toolou Khady’s Council approved the renovation of an old home which until last year was subject to flooding during the rainy season. This home belongs to a family who is already helped by Toolou Khady as part of its aid project.

The city administration had already decided to demolish all the houses in the neighborhood, in order to avoid dangerous epidemics and diseases or malaria, which could affect children health.

The participation of an European Government allowed the water basin reclamation and the water canalization. This operation avoids flooding and the surrounding area becomes habitable again.

The images show the demolition and renovation of the house, started in December 2015 (updated monthly).

The house is partially renewed because we planned the construction of two new rooms: a kitchen and a bathroom. We think that the family needs these new rooms because they are a family of eight people and they currently live in an unhealthy room surrounded by ruins and mice .

We have finished the renovation of a sustained family’s house, that until last year was subject to flooding during the rainy season.

The city administration had decided to demolish all the houses of the neighborhood, in order to avoid dangerous epidemics and countless cases of diseases and malaria, where the children were particularly affected.

The intervention of a European government allowed the land reclamation and canalization of the nearby pool of water, avoiding flooding and making the surrounding area again habitable.

The pictures show the old house torn down and the reconstruction of the same.

Thanks to the solidarity of Toolou Khady's friends, we built: 3 rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom all with light and running water (minimum for a family of eight people).

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PROJECT NURSERY 2015/2016 Pikine


As part of the "Project Toolou Khady”, which wants to ensure school education for all the children of the association, we built a kindergarten in the village of Malika.

Why a "nursery school":

First, because Toolou Khady is only 3 years old and its financial capabilities are still limited, so this new project wants to raise our educational support, without removing the support gave to children and families up now assisted, confirming the continuity of our aids.

Second, because even if there are several private schools in this area, Toolou Khady believes that they are not enough for the number of children: classrooms are overcrowded at the limit of safety and in most facilities there aren’t nor teaching basics neither recreational basics targeted to primary education.

Often classrooms and facilities crumble and the teaching staff has not received enough training. Seldom there are small libraries and texts suitable to primary education.

Toolou Khady believes that a “new school”, which respects the basic principles of childhood and which is managed by local competent staff, both in educational and administration area, will offer a modern, secular and efficient alternative and could be an example to duplicate for all villages as Pikine.

This School is based on standard educational models, in respect of local culture, is located in an highly populated zone and has both educational materials and a playroom, there is not any discrimination neither for sex nor for religion and the direction has the duty  to collaborate with other schools in the village and with the local administration.
























































With this project we would like to replace the roofs of the houses of our children. Actually they were built with "eternit".  As we mention in our previous project (BUILDING A ROOM FOR ADAMA AND AWA), we found a new material called ‘’ardoise‘’ that is not harmful and is as cheap as eternit. This product is made ​​of  glass-resin fiber.


This project has not the ambition to change all the roofs in Senegal that are in these conditions , but it’s clear that live in an house covered with eternit is not healthy, especially for children.


We hope that this operation will demonstrate to families and population, that eternit is an unhealthy material and simply substitute it with another one, will improve their lives.


The use of this dangerous material is prevalent in the suburbs of cities like Dakar, but fortunately is not yet widespread in small villages, built with huts.


The project is planned over two years, because of the relevant costs from the financial point of view (we hope in a more support from lenders), the amount square meters of roofs to replace (about 135/150 sqm) and the location of houses: although they are not so far each other, they are not in the same place or enough close.


The project is also supported by the authorities with information material and brochures.


During 2013 we already replaced  a dwelling (without residents for security reasons) with the consent of the authorities and with the warm support of the family.

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The project was born in 2011 and to bring electricity to a small thatched hut village, called Lobodou, located near the lakes in the region of Louga (North West Senegal) near the borderline with Mauritania, where “Peul” families live, people who live by herding only.


These families, like all the others in Senegal, used simple candles during the night, with all risks that may arise in a thatched hut.


They also had no idea of what a TV, or a fridge were.


In 2013, thanks to lenders, we achieve the amount we needed for the installation of two solar panels, that produce a total of 460 watts, enough to light 10 light bulbs, an old television brought from Italy, and a fridge.


The plan was commissioned in November 2013 and implemented by Sahel Energie Thies, which provides assistance for 12 months.

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Children assisted by Toolou Khady can have a free health care, free drugs, free  medicals and free hospitalizations in case of malaria.


In 2012, due to a serious car accident D. (the oldest among children) suffered burns of 2nd and 3rd degree at the left arm and the left leg. We brought him in Italy, where he was cared in a center specialized in burns and after a few months he came back home. Unfortunately the other six people involved, lost their lives, because of infections badly cared on site.


In 2013, P. (the littlest of the children) was operated at the Fann Hospital in Dakar, pediatric section Albert Royer, for polydactyly of both hands. The success of this operation led P. feel and behave like a normal child.


Health care is one of the pillars of Toolou Khady, which is improved through the collaboration with an hospital and a clinic in the children’s village.


The local drugstore gets funds from Toolou Khady for delivery drugs to the families of the children.

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The project of building the room of Adama and Awa has been completed, thanks to funds of Toolou Khady’s friends, we here officially thank very much.


The twins lived in a hut with a cardboard roof. Now their life and their family’s life completely changed.


The fotos above speak better than words … the room … before ... and after …


For this roof we found a new material called ‘ardoise‘ that is not harmful and is as cheap as eternit.


This first project made us focus on other homes, where our children live, where the roof was still built with "eternit". The goal of Toolou Khady is to replace all these roofs, depending on the financial situation of the association.

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